CDN for Schools

Moulding a responsible, empowered and capable generation itself is a lot to ask and masking sure that they get professionally ahead is almost impossible if this task is undertaken by one sort of people. But we do that anyway, pushing the responsibility of creating a sustainable growth via youth, most call them teachers, educational institutions, or trainers, but we choose to call them EDUCATORS.

The next revolutionary scientists, doctors, artists, economists might be in our midst, and we have unanimously delegated the educators to recognize them, groom them, provide them with guidance and required assistance. Should we not think that it is a little unfair? Especially considering the fact that educators have limited or no ‘access’ to the latest job market scenario let alone any form of knowledge to provide the above-mentioned information to their learners. “Education needs to be compatible with the work that people will do once they leave school.” But when it is not, the next generation will have their spirits caged and their hopes belittled.

In order to contain the catastrophe that Nepal might get into, we need tools to recognize individual talent, access to the latest news on the job market, the basic information of job demand and supply from all the part of the nation.

CDN has developed different tools and techniques to help youth to find out individual interest, abilities, and values. School can use CDN career guidance services to help students to take right education and career decision according to their inborn personality trait.

We can bring positive change for individual life, bad to good and good to better,  increase your school’s prosperity, and develop the nation.

So, let’s work together to assist more than 500 thousand youth you have produced each year in the labour market to figure out their maximum potential and help them to have the successful career.

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