CDN Team

Board Members

Saroj Bastola (Founder & CFO) founder and CEO of the community learning center is working with Youth in Bhaktapur in various ways. He ensures all legal compliance, and supervises and support the administrative head in his activities. Send Email

Ingeborg Patsch (CTO) has been working as the software consultant for over 10 years in Austria before she came to Nepal in 2012. As a technical director, she is creating the architecture for software solutions and acts as a contact person in Europe for European based partners and clients. send Email

Hari Krishna Dahal (Founder , COO & Senior Career Counsellor) has been working on the edge between psychology and education for the last 5 years. As a teacher in the local community and as a psychological counselor, he has dealt with youth outside the formal education system, so that he brings multifaceted views on the status and needs of Nepal’s youth. Send Email

Core Staff Members

Nabina Phaiju (Administration Head) COO of VHS Bhaktapur Community Learning Center is responsible  for the whole operation, procedure and action. She is  the main person to get contacted for volunteering, event management , Marketing Management and other inquiries. Send Email

Kabita Sapkota ( Client Coordinator) has completed her bachelor level in Humanities from Bhaktapur Multiple Campus and is currently working as client coordinator. She have been working since July 2019. Her responsibilities are Communication with Clients, update website and social media. Send Email

Susma Lohala (Counseling Trainee) has completed her +2 level in Management from Bagiswori college, Bhaktapur and is currently doing a psychosocial counseling education. She has started as a intern and since March 2017 she is doing a traineeship on educational and career counseling. Her responsibilities are updating the Job & Educational Database, assist Hari in holding workshops and learn counseling. Send Email  

Freelancers & Long Time Volunteers

We are happy to receive a huge support from many very engaged volunteers and freelancers. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us with his or her dedicated work.

Sagar Ghimire (Project Manager) has completed his Higher school (IGCSE) in Kolkata. Initially, he started as a volunteer in the post of a content writer for Career Disha Nepal web page. At the moment he helps coordinate the logistics for Data Collection project primarily guided by Ms Inge Patsch. Simultaneously, he edits and creates the final result for our primary product, Interest-based Assessment (psychometric test).  send Email

Prajan Bastola (Intern in the technical department)has completed his +2 level in management from Bagiswori College, Bhaktapur. His main responsibilities to CDN are to design flyers, flex and greeting cards. Beyond that he curently makes an internship in the technical department and helps with the process of Search Engine Optimization.

Shrijana KC: (Communication officer)  has done the master level in development studies. She has worked as communication officer for several years. Since May 2017 she works as a freelance ressource person providing trainings to students and helps as a volunteer with website and social media communication.

Patrick Menke (Senior Web Developer), Germany, has 14 years of professional experience and joined CDN as a volunteer in early 2016. SInce 2017 he developed part of our website pro-bono, part as a paid

Soniya Phaiju ( Former Administrator) has completed bachelor in business studies from Triton international college kathmandu. Started as intern and Worked as administrator.she is responsible  for organizing day to day operations like book keeping, Accounting, Scheduling meetings and events. Send Email