CDN Team

Saroj Bastola (Founder & CFO) founder and CEO of the community learning center is working with Youth in Bhaktapur in various ways. He is the founding member of three social businesses in Nepal and is involved in various social activities. Send Email

Ingeborg Patsch (CTO) has been working as the software consultant for over 10 years in Austria before she came to Nepal in 2012. As a technical director, she is creating the architecture for software solutions. Furthermore, with nearly 15 years of experience as a trainer she, together with Hari Krishna Dahal, is developing the curriculum for the various workshops and training. send Email

Hari Krishna Dahal (Founder , COO & Senior Career Counsellor) has been working on the edge haribetween psychology and education for the last 5 years. As a teacher in the local community and as a psychological counselor, he has dealt with youth outside the formal education system, so that he brings multifaceted views on the status and needs of Nepal’s youth. Send Email

Soniya Phaiju (Administrative Officer) has completed Bachelor in Business studies from Triton International. Her main responsibilities to CDN are to manage general financial stuff, manage the official environment and handling as well as communicating with clients. Send Email

.Sagar Ghimire (Project Manager) has completed his Higher school (IGCSE) in Kolkata. Initially, he started as a volunteer in the post of a content writer for Career Disha Nepal web page. At the moment he helps coordinate the logistics for Data Collection project primarily guided by Ms Inge Patsch. Simultaneously, he edits and creates the final result for our primary product, Interest-based Assessment (psychometric test).  send Email

Shrijana KC: (Communication officer)  has done the master level in development studies. Has completed a six-month internship in AATWIN (Alliance Against Trafficking Women and Children in Nepal) Nepal. Currently, she is studying in M. Phil in English at IACER (Institute of Advanced Communication Education and Research). As a Content Writer, her responsibilities is posting on Blog,  translating and typing English to Nepali language and vice versa, updating the progress of the CDN project and report writing. Send Email

Patrick Menke (Senior Web Developer), Germany, has 14 years of professional experience and joined CDN as a volunteer in early 2016. He is responsible for the development of the online assessment and the job and education database. Send Email

Anisha Rajbhandari (Junior Web Developer), Lagankhel, has done her Bachelor in Computer Engineering from ‘Kathmandu Engineering College’. She has done one-year internship from May 2016 to May 2017. Present, she is working as a junior web developer supervised and mentor by CDN’s Senior Web Developer Patrick. Her main responsibilities to CDN are update and develop CDN website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) handling, web designing, testing feature and functions of website and website management using word press. Send Email 

Prajan Bastola (Graphic Designer) has completed his +2 level in management from Bagiswori College, Bhaktapur. His main responsibilities to CDN are to design flyers, flex and greeting cards. He also assists CDN’s other volunteers and interns in their day-to-day tasks. Along with that he provides assistance to our career counselor Hari Krishna Dahal to run CDN’s Career and Education related workshops in various places. Send Email

Susma Lohala (Receptionist) has completed her +2 level in Management from Bagiswori college, Bhaktapur. Lohola’s main responsibilities to CDN are collecting and updating the University and educational institute information on CDN jobedudb website, available subjects, total fees, scholarship, quota, and others by making phone calls or through surfing on internet. Along with that, she enters the filled offline Psychometric Assessment data into the CDN’s system. Send Email