Here is what  BBS 3rd year students Sajina Gwachha, one of the CDN workshop participants said about CDN’s services.

“Joining this CDN workshop was a great experience for me. During these four days of CDN workshop, I got to know about my inner interests, potentialities, values, and abilities regarding job and education career. The workshop’s different activities, game, assessment, storytelling, questionnaire, group works really satisfied me. I am glad that Career Disha Nepal helps me to identify suitable career when I was facing the difficult situation to make the right career decision.”


Palistha Ranjitkar is studying Bachelor level in Khwopo College, Bhaktapur. She is one of the CDN services beneficiaries. Here is her saying about CDN services, ‘Online Assessment’ in her own words.

“The Online Assessment I took from CDN considerably, has helped me figure out what I really want out of my life. It has helped me to look into the feasible career paths that will be supposedly compatible with my fancy and my own essential nature. Not only this, the career counselling I took from CDN has helped me look into areas where I can excel and foster professionally. I am, now absolved of the confusions I beheaded before I took the assessment. I wouldn’t have known myself better and figure out what kind of job best suits me. As far as the assessment is concerned, I wouldn’t have believed anything more fervently than that.It was very authentic and by the end, I was like “Awesome!.This is the kind of job I always wanted to do.”