Training Of Trainers (TOT) for “My Future Pro”, 20-22 June 2018

  • 20. June 2018 - 22. June 2018
    10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Are you working with youth to maximize their potential? Do you want to recognize the underlying personality to determine individual potential?

After 3 years of research, we have created exciting an event for you. You will not only learn ‘how to’, we will also provide you tools which will help you find individual interests, abilities, and values for your youths. This subsequently will help create interlinks to education, career, and lifelong decision for them. This tool is called; My Future PRO.

What exactly is “My Future Pro”?

“My Future Pro”, self-reflective exercise book, is a group-tool for educational and career coaching designed especially for youth between the ages of 14-19. My Future Pro” contains 3 major parts, My Interest, My Ability, and My Value. It is done with both group and individuals through various exercises. All the exercises are designed to evaluate individual through their past and present, hobbies, priority, and perception of their lives thoroughly.

Importance for your youths

My Interest

My interest session helps students to know individual 3 major interests by giving interpersonal question’s answers, drawing and coding their past events and impression of their life. Similarly, youths learns to represent their life form different ways from writing, coding, talking, drawing and other creative manners which could have been absent in the past.

 How does your youths benefit from ‘My Interest’ session?

Ø  Helps youth to be crystal clear about individual interest.

Ø  Helps youth to fill the gap between interest and future career.

Ø  Helps youth to know time duration spent on each interest and also requirements too.

Ø  Helps youth to know their friends’ interest and related career they can pursue.

My Abilities

Each individual is born with unique abilities. ‘My Abilities’ session deals with questions such as What are my individual inborn abilities? How can I find and use my individual uniqueness? Where and how do individual abilities link with the certain education and career?

How does youth benefits from ‘My Abilities’ session?

Ø  Youth will know definition and importance of abilities and its role in education and career

Ø  Help youth to recognize inbred abilities

Ø  Youths will be able to separate their abilities ‘I Have’ and ‘I do not have’.

Ø  Help youths to discover their unknown/hidden abilities.

My Values

Each individual has different values and principles. If youth know own individual values, it will ease you to decide your career. This session will focus on some questions such as, what decides my values? What influences me the most to make a career decision?

How does youth benefits from ‘My Values’ session?

Ø  Youth will able to know their unknown and inner values and their importance to their future education and career

Ø  Help youth to know how values determine to make a decision(s).

Ø  Youth will be able to link values to available career options and recognize their immense benefit in choosing the career in-line with the prevailing values and principles.

Ø  Youth will be able to know their friends’ values, their importance, interconnection, and their benefits to the chosen career.

What skills will I get from this training?

  • Become first contact person to find out youth interest, abilities, values, and professional orientation.
  • Become facilitator of “My Future pro” workshop.
  • You will be able to use this technique day to day life of your working areas, school, organization, orphan home, youth community and other youth-oriented sector.


What are the requirements?

Though there is no official requirement for joining the training, we have listed a few things which will help you in receiving and disseminating most effectively:

  • Experience in working on youth-oriented organizations or schools
  • Some experience in holding and coordinating workshops

For more information, please call us on 01 6613893, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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