Welcome to Career Disha Nepal.
Nepal’s first holistic Career Counseling and Coaching project.
  • Laughing young students
We are shining light on the career path of Nepali youth

Nepali student’s situation:

  • 49.6% of students have listed the same 5 jobs as their favorite.
  • 85.3% of students don’t know what they need to study to reach their dreamjob.
  • 95% of parents would appreciate professional help for their children’s careers.

Career Disha Nepal – Crowdfunding 2014(English) from VHS Bhaktapur on Vimeo

CDN Services

CDN Solutions

  • Providing transparent information on the job market and educational possibilities
  • Counseling & coaching to students and youth who discontinued their academic career
  • Introducing an innovative approach to career counseling in Nepal
  • Promoting neglected and unknown professions

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