An Interaction Program on “ICT in Skills and Education”

In the 20th April 2016, Inge Patsch,  the director of CDN, gave a presentation titled ‘Girls in IT’.  The program of ICT (information communication Technology) in Skills and Education was held at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In this interaction program only girls were allowed to participate as the aim of the program was to encourage and promote girls in the IT related fields.

IMG_1142There were five guest lecturers who gave presentation, namely, Inge Patsch from CDN,  Binita Shrestha, Sunita Pandey, Damodar Paudel and Hari Prasad Pokhrel , from SICT Nepal.

Mr. Pokhrel was the first presenter who gave insight about the term ICT and what it means. At the same time he addressed how ICT can be empowering and talked in length of its scopes, advantages and disadvantages. He also mentioned that IT is the place where a creative mind can be presented.IMG_1156

Second presenter was Ms. Patsch who came with two main messages, the first being girls and boys are equally talented in the IT field. The second one: NERD (Now is the right time to start, Everybody is different, Reading is not all and Develop your skills). She also added her stories about how she fought with the society in Austria in order to achieve her goal.

Sunita Pandey, Damodar Paudel and Binita Shrestha discussed about the banner “ICT in Skills and Education”. Miss Shrestha come with idea of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) also shared her inspirational story of studying IT, here in Nepal.  She was the only one girl in a class with 150 boys. Sometimes she felt that IT field was not for girl.  But now she graduate in engineering in information and Technology. She was able to win the second award at Presentation Competition conducted by NTA on international girls in ICT day 2015 and also been the title winner of”Empower 2015”as “Young Aspiring Women Leaders”. She was not oneIMG_1167 girl who facing such a situation it is still prevalence.

The program was run by Suwash Khadka and Rashmi Tiwari from the SICT  Nepal (Society for Information Communication Technology). The program started at 10am and end last at 11:30 am. One and half hour program was filled with insightful lecture from the guest, mind opening question and solution.

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