Spiker-Solutions: welcome on board for Software related aspects

Spiker_solutionsWe are happy to announce our partnership with Jayanti Mala Chapagain and Durbar Gyawali from Spiker Solutions.
Spiker Solutions became our full-partner for all software-related aspects of Career Disha. In the first project, they will design the technical support for data-collection as well as the interest based test.

Spiker-Solutions is well established IT-company from Kathmandu focussed on solutions on desktop, internet and mobile applications.

We are looking forward to a long lasting and fruitful partnership with them.

Vacancy-Career Disha Nepal is looking for Senior/Junior Developers

Vacancy Announcement made for Senior and Junior Developer is timely completed. We are very happy to get numbers of response on the announcement. Currently we are in the phase of understanding the applicants and shorting out. We would soon contact the shortlisted candidates for final interview. Be patient and keep us tracking on our blog post and facebook.