Significance of the CDN Services

Giving the students and their parents a tool for making better decisions on the educational path is an essential service in the field of informal education. Choosing a job, which fits to one’s profile, is a core element for being successful, motivated and committed to any profession. It’s impact might not be immediately visible, but it can increase the inclusion by raising the visibility of the Nepalese jobs and education market, its requirements and thereby even influence the number of young people going abroad every month for their studies or employment.

The second reason is to provide a tool to parents before they make a decision on the education of their children. Many families, especially in the rural areas are saving and utilizing a considerable amount of their family income for the education of their sons and daughters. This decision is often based on semi-knowledge and not related with the local job market or the abilities of the respective child and after 4 – 5 years those youths are not able to find a suitable employment.

Once it is successfully implemented and running, the tool will also be used by policy makers. It cannot only provide useful data about the youth but also by highlighting the jobs with high demand on the labor market it can become an influential tool. By displaying the jobs, which have a high demand in the labor market, it can push one’s education and career decisions in a certain direction.

Even, if this is not a direct goal we follow, we expect that Career Disha Nepal help to strengthen the profession of career counseling process. It can create a demand on the market for individual counseling and create jobs and self-employment in this field. In the same time, it will create certain quality standards and increase the overall quality of this service and make it a qualified profession.