CDN for Educators

EducatorsYou the educators of the next generation, means teachers, trainers, and educational institutions, are working for a better future for the children. You empower them, you make them capable of handling different future challenges and for sure you teach them lots of different content in different fields.

Why not work together with us to give the pupils a comprehensive image of their future? We specialize in career counseling, analyzing the online assessment results and giving a good overview of the job and education market in Nepal.

Education system nowadays

The majority of students, almost 60-70% of pupils, prefer the general academic way. Means they finish their school leaving certificate and then do their +2 higher secondary school. A massive number of students are stuck after their high school wondering about their future and even more right after their bachelor. Our education system doesn’t promote personal initiatives, research, and creativity. The students are being judged through standard examinations and when one fails in those exams they are considered incapable or bad students. So that’s why we are focusing a lot on research to what the youth need – always considering the geographical, economical and the physical aspects of Nepal.

Importance of choosing a successful career path

In 2015 over 8,204 new engineers graduated in Nepal. Not all of them succeeded in getting placements in either governmental organisations or private firms. Meaning, lots of the graduates are left with a certificate in their hands and no career to get into. We believe in choosing a proper career path is the key to getting a job in the end. If a person is unhappy with his/her professional life, because he/she has chosen a non-fitting career path there won’t be any sort of engagement to create a better life for oneself or for others.

Changed Labour Market

There are a few people who know about the opportunities and variety of Nepal’s labour market. We are working on more transparency about the labour market – meaning clarify about the jobs that are in demand, their level of supply and the level of education required for them.

Today, we can search for jobs online, share our achievements in a social platform and mingle with professionals similar to us just by sitting tight at home. A lot of new kind of professions have sprouted out: entrepreneurs with their online businesses, social welfare organizations setting social businesses etc. are going to be the next big thing.

That’s why we need you to inform your pupils about our services and to work together on the successful careers of the next generation.

The youth and your students need guidance for their career and educational choices. Learn more about what your students and your institute might benefit from our services.

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