CDN for Hostels and Orphanages

CDN has been working with various hostels and orphanages in the past. We have understood that leaders in orphanages face the special challenge to place many young people every year in the labour market. Different than in a family, which might be able to support a young person a few years longer, we know, that many have to make the hard decision between funding a prolonged education for a young adult or having capacities to take in small children.

CDN’s intervention in orphanages and foreign-supported youth hostel starts therefore early enough to ensure, that the abilities of the young adults are recognized early enough and the youngsters have the time to get well equipped with the necessary vocational skills to enter labor force well prepared.

CDN can help you creating independent youths who can support their own lives and if possible give back to the society. Our variety in service starts from strengthening the youth’s career maturity and ability to make decisions about their future, giving them and their care takers feedback on which professions would fit to their strength and interest and guiding the whole group through the process of identifying the right job and accessing the right education. For organizations interested, we also offer an in-depth career helper training for the care takers, so that they can directly work with our tools.

If you are interested to learn more about, what we can do for you, please contact us for a free information session at your premises. After getting, some basic information on your expectations we will prepare a tailor-made package of education and career guidance service for your organization, fitting both: your counseling requirements as well as your financial framework.

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