CDN for Parents

You as parents are playing a very important role in choosing a career for your children. In this case, you might have high expectations on the academic part as well as on your child’s willingness to learn.

Our society has literally brought up an understanding for high-level careers like management jobs, doctors, pilots or engineers. But each person is different and each child has his or her own inherited interest and some extra qualities within themselves.

That’s why the expectation of parents and the success of children in choosing the right career path does not match very often. It happens, that children are choosing their career path on the interest of their parents not on their own. For sure this ends up with frustration for both sides. But who should now choose the right career of a child- you as parents or the children itself?

We as Career Guidance counsellors recommend parents to let their children select their own careers accordingly to their own interests. But this should definitely be a team work. We offer a good overview of the educational and labour market that you will provide you with more options on choosing the right way together.

Especially when children grow up, they undergo various emotional and physical changes and their stress level rises. In this period they need a good guidance from friends and especially from their parents. It’s not always easy for parents to find out, what skills, inherent desires and extra qualities their own children have.

That’s why professional career counselling can become useful. The individual online assessment, as well as the personal feedback at the end, shows you what abilities your children have and what career sector could be suitable for them.

With this results, a professional career path for your child and a happy life for you… both is possible.n

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