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The challenge of helping students

The next revolutionary scientists, doctors, artists, economists might be in our midst. We are deeply inspired by educators, who make it their mission to recognize the hidden talent in every one of their student, groom them, provide them with guidance and required assistance

As educators you are often the first contact point for the students when it comes to questions of their future career. You have an close relationship with your students and know their strength and weaknesses well. Yet, also you don’t have all the answers neede to always help them.

Building upon your strength

That is where CDN service can help you. We build upon your close relation with your student and help you helping your students even better. Our services are designed to provide you with the right information and the tool set to provide your students with well informed individual guidance.

“Education needs to be compatible with the work that people will do once they leave school.”

Hari Krishna Dahal – Head of Career Counseling

To fully do justice to guiding young people we need to consider various variables in guiding them such as

  • the current labour market development
  • the students interest and values
  • the students strength
  • the educational possibilities available for the student

We understand that it is hard for you to keep track with all of this while you have to fullfill you main duties in school. That’s why CDN has developed different tools and techniques to help youth to find out individual interest, abilities, and values. School can use CDN career guidance services to help students to take right education and career decision according to their inborn personality trait.

We can bring positive change for individual life, bad to good and good to better,  increase your school’s prosperity, and develop the nation.

So, let’s work together to assist more than 500 thousand youth you have produced each year in the labour market to figure out their maximum potential and help them to have the successful career.

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