CDN for Youth

You have just finished your school and are confused about what to do next in your life? You are in the right spot. Career Disha Nepal, can help you to find your very own career path based on your personal needs and abilities.

There are different misunderstandings existing about what education is. One of those is that, without a School Leaving Certificate (SLC) you will not have a good future in Nepal. Another misconception is the gender topic. For example the information technology sector has been very male dominated but nowadays the female involvement in the IT field is growing. Our approach is to make you clear, that choosing an education or a job is just based on your individual abilities and desires and neither gender based than influenced by society.

Another frequently asked question is about doing an internship or not. We recommend this possibility to get deeper into a chosen job and to see if you are really happy and capable in working there. Also the question about going abroad is increasing. The world is getting smaller, more and more people are moving into different places for different purposes and you should really be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages this decision has.

Learn more about the products below to find out which one best fits your needs and development goals.

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