Discussion on Education System

Today, Career Disha Nepal’s group watched the almost half hour video related to the Educational System of today.

Today’s education system is about to be centralize in one, homogenous system. System, where testing the ability of a student is through sets of examinations which later is considered their worthiness, their value. In Nepal, more than half the population cannot pass SLC and sadly we have been having the same set of system without any major reform. What has not been considered in the system is the individuality. Every one has inherent different perception, desire and skills from birth. In short, Education today become a FAST FOOD, for instance when children enroll in Kindergarten, teacher teach them already existed lesson. There is gap arising between both teacher and students as the knowledge are imposed rather than fostered. Thus we can generalize that the issue that we are teaching new generation in traditional way and building our children as we are, which is not compatible for the 21st century.

As already mentioned, each individual has different ideology and ability. To develop those inborn qualities, one should recognize it and give it a proper shape. The current education system (around the globe) expects the youth to think differently, out of box while teaching the same old generic concepts and not giving space for growth. So, time has come for revolution where change in deep rooted education system is a must.

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