Importance of Interest in Career

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -(Confucius)

Why would some of the most successful people agree that interest matters in one’s life to have a successful career?  They do so, because they are the ones who have passionately followed their interests and even achieved success.  Their success stories prove that when skills meet passion and interest, it only results in achievements. But, why does interest really matter? Certainly, this is the question that might arise in everybody’s mind.

What is interest?

According to Hidi (1990), being interested in a topic is a mental resource that enhances learning, which then leads to better performance and achievement.

Why is interest important?

For many people, interest is a driving factor for motivation and happiness in their life. Interest is one of the important parts while choosing a career. When we love what we are doing, we will always put our best performance forward and strive to learn more.  Consequently, that will enhance our self-confidence as well. When we pick up the field or area we like and enjoy, we would not crib to study or work in that field rather work harder and perform our best.

A research (Interest, Learning, and the Psychological Processes That Mediate Their Relationship2002), showed that interest was related to an individual’s response, persistence and learning. It stated that interest includes effective and cognitive components which are part of individuals’ engagement in activities. According to a meta-analysis of number of researches, (Interest as a predictor of academic achievement, 1992), conducted in 18 different countries to examine the relationship between interest and performance, it was found that interest was highly correlated with academic achievements. Therefore, these researches demonstrate that the role of interest is very important for an individual’s education as well as career.