Career Disha Nepal’s target has always been to reach the most number of youth who are in dire need of career counseling and education-based guidance. The past year we have catered youth from within the valley, and had to reject youth that were outside our vicinity.

However, we now have expanded our reach to even the most rural part of Nepal via the support of the largest online payment service provider, ESEWA.To reach the youths who cannot appear physically in the CDN Head office Bhaktapur to get basic career and educational guidance, we have integrated eSewa in our website. Not having international online payment providers in Nepal eSewa is the one encouraging cashless payment system.  eSewa is a first digital payment platform in Nepal which allows one to make online and offline payments to various merchandises, transfer funds to various banks and top up the balance in cell phones, pay internet bills, buy airplane tickets, deposit credit card amounts, pay college and school fees and shop using mobile phone or internet.

At present, eSewa has more than five lakhs users.   Now, anyone can pay through eSewa to receive counseling and educational guidance. Youth now can choose between our services; Assessment Slim, Assessment Basic, and Assessment Deluxe, each considering a specific demographic. ‘Assessment Slim’ where students can get personalized online results with recommendations based on 350+ jobs ‘Assessment Basic’ where students know their personalized online results with recommendations based on 350+jobs with 10-minute phone call counseling and a printed or PDF results with the top 10 recommended jobs. . And ‘Assessment Deluxe’ where students get personalized online results along with 45 minutes individual career counseling with a trained career counselor.

We know that teachers as well other educational stakeholders might be interested in providing their students with career and educational guidance. We are expanding our other services and breaking the geographical barrier via eSewa that will cater Schools and Institutes in the coming date.


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