Frequently asked questions

  • What does CDN stand for?
  • What are your aims?
  • What happens to my data?
  • Why should I trust you?
  • How can you guarantee the quality of your services?
  • Are you working really on the real interests and abilities of people or is it just manipulation?
  • How are you financed?
  • Who is the owner of the company/initiator of the program? What interests does he/she have?
  • Do I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the results?
  • Why do I have to pay?
  • Why are the services so expensive?
  • Why is it worth paying for the service?
  • What does Social Business mean?
  • How does it work?
  • For what do I need this?
  • Why are you qualified for doing this?
  • How are you different from Career/ educational Consultancies?
  • What do I get after completing career counselling?
  • Is it a onetime thing?
  • Would you find a job for me?
  • Will you help me with my application at the university
  • Why do I need this after the online assessment?
  • What more can I get from you, when I have the results of the assessment?
  • What topics can I discuss in the individual feedback?
  • How long is the individual feedback?
  • Who introduced the questions?
  • How can you guarantee that this is really based on studied/proved facts?
  • How should a computer be able to give me career counseling?
  • How many people are always attending the workshops?
  • When is the last possibility to sign in?
  • Do I get a certificate at the end?
  • What if I have more questions at the end of the workshop?
  • Do you have any price reductions for students coming from a poor background?
  • Who can take part in the workshop?
  • How can the workshops help me get better job, or better education?
  • What if I miss my workshop date?
CDN stands for Career Disha Nepal. The Nepali term Disha (दिशा) means as much as “direction” or “pathway”.  It is Nepal’s first holistic career counselling service provider working on a platform to help create successful, enthusiastic and motivated work force. We offer career and educational counselling, online assessments to find out more about your abilities and suitable jobs and deepening workshops on your personality and on the job and education market in Nepal. Furthermore we are running a free Job & Education Database where you can found lots of information on the labour market as well as the educational possibilities in Nepal.

Our aims are:

  • Help students identify a suitable education and career decision.
  • Create more transparency about the job market and educational possibilities.
  • Promote neglected and unknown jobs especially from the TEVT sector.

•Promote Career Counseling as an important part of informal and formal education.

All your data will be used absolutely confidentially. We will not give any contact data or information to any third party. If you receive the service through your school or a third-party counsellor, only CDN and

CDN keeps the right to analyze them in an anonymous form nevertheless to create better services for future students.

We do everything confidential, transparent, professional and with all our heart.

Confidential: We understand, that many of our clients tell us very personal information. We treat every information confidential and will not share them with anybody, without your approval. All things spoken or said in the individual counseling are also under the confidentiality of counseling.

Transparent: We don’t have anything to hide. You can find our annual report on our website and

Professional: we have spend more than 3 years of research about the institutes all over Nepal, training courses, educational system as well as jobs available around Nepal before we started to counsel.

The psychometric assessment has been tried and tested in various European nations, and has been moulded to Nepali context.

With all our heart: most of us have given up their paid full time employment to start of this project and have spent many years

(For future) you can also ask one of our CDN ambassadors (former clients) on their opinion about CDN.

We have tried and tested the psychometric assessment, done various tests with the workshops. Our counselor has over 3 years of career counselling experience, and our team is very dedicated at providing quality service.

We are permanently improving all our team’s skills, knowledge and make sure that all our services are up to date and consider the latest changes in the education sector or labour market of Nepal.

Yes, we really want to help you! Why? Because we are idealistic dreamers, who think that Nepal really has potential and want to do something about it and that you can be part of the change, if we help you finding your place in the labour market of Nepal. We will only recommend you services which we really think that are in your interest and As a social business, are driven by the cause and will spend profit we might make will go in developing and improving our services or providing them to young people, who cannot afford them.
Our organization was initially started with personal investments and donations from Austrian and German side. Every founding member has put in more than 1 Lakh NPR in cash as well as in form of free working time.  Yet, as we don’t believe, that Nepal can be developed with donations, we charge for our services same as a hairdresser charges for cutting your hair so that we can finance it in future through workshops and the  assessment.

Career Disha Nepal is registered as a company non-distributing profits (§ 19 of Company Registration Act). This means it does not have technically any owners, but founding members.

There are 5 founding members (Saroj Bastola, Hari Krishna Dahal, Suresh Kasula, Pujan Ranjit, and Inge Patsch) of which 4 are mentioned in the Memorandum of understanding. Inge is not mentioned, because only Nepalese nationals are allowed to be members of companies not distributing profit.

You can find our memorandum of understanding on our website as well as a personal message from all founding members.

All founders of this organization have been working with youth and have realized that they lack a proper and all-encompassing guidance system.

Basically no, yet, we always try out best to provide a high quality and useful service for every client coming. Nevertheless if you are indeed not satisfied with our services, you can always approach our staff and we will try to find a solution on a case to case basis. As counseling is an intrinsic process, it is in your own hand to make the best out of what we provide you. This means we do not provide the money back especially in the cases when …

you were expecting a different service (which was clarified in the initial discussion)

you do not like the results …

Nevertheless there are a few cases where, we would provide the money back such as:

there is a considerable delay from our end

we do not provide you with the written results

a workshop got cancelled and you are not able to join the new date. 

As a social we do not believe in Donations. Yet we have salaries and rent to pay and we have to permanently invest in keeping our database up to day.

To cover our cost, we charge – same like a software developer or beautician – for our services.

Because we work professionally. We would not sell a service to you, which is not very well developed and we make sure that our resource persons go through a comprehensive training, so to guide you to the best and professional possible.

Yet, all this cost time and a lot of preparation. We have spend roughly 10000 working hours (think about this number for a second) preparing all the information we have for you.

Because you can save this money in your education later. The various educations in nursing (same as many other course) costs between Rs. 38000 and Rs. 9,45,000 … with the right guidance you can safe more than 9 Lakhs.

Our best package costs Rs. 6000 which is a mere 0.6 % of the amount you can save. So if spending Rs. 6000 can help you saving later Rs. 2 Lakh on your education, you have gained Rs. 1,94,000 … think about it that way …

Social Business means that same like an NGO we are driven by a cause – to shine light on the career path of Nepalese youth. Yet we don’t believe in spending time and efforts on continuous fundraising, so that same like a business, we charge for our services. Yet, different than a business, none of the board members will request a profit, even though we expect to get our initial investment back one day. We want to pay fair salaries to everybody working, including the founding board members. Furthermore we try to be a role model for the social and environmental responsibility we have as employer and organization in Nepal.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is a very broad term and refers to any activities, where a professional career counselor, helps you finding your way to a future profession, which fits best for your interest, abilities and the socio-economic environment you come from.

There are many forms of career counseling such as coaching (normally done in individual sessions), the usage of assessments (psychometric or practical) as we have used it in our online assessment and competence workshop or biographical methods (i.e. competence +) in which you will be guided through a self reflection process (like a meditation teacher would guide you through a guided meditation).

So dependent on your questions we have different solutions for you.

Our study shows that more than 75% of students in the capital city itself are confused about their education, as well as their career choices. We know that you will need someone to guide you through the challenging process of deciding your future.

Many Nepalese families spend several years’ income in the higher education of their children. We help you to understand if you will.

In short: because we are the first organization, which has combined a comprehensive research on Nepal’s labour and educational market with European tools and methods for educational & career counseling.

Before we started working on this project, no data exists in Nepal, about the number of existing jobs, there is no database showing the choices of education one can take. We have taken the step to gather the data, and use it through experienced counselor for your benefit. Our team has been sitting for weeks gathering, discussing and understanding all this data and has permanent contact to career counselors from Austria, who guide us on those questions, where we don’t have answers in Nepal anymore.

Firstly, unlike consultancies, we do not provide any placements at universities or jobs. We guide the youth according to their interest, and passion to their dream job.

Secondly, we focus on the possibilities in Nepal first, acknowledging, that a big mass of the future labour force of Nepal will be trained and educated in Nepal itself. We hope to kick of a vivid discussion on the educational possibilities in Nepal and encourage people to strive for future job in their home country rather than abroad.

Thirdly, our service is not limited to those striving for an academic careers but also those, who want to grow in a vocational profession, such as

Secondly, we are in comparison to the profit oriented consultancies mission oriented and exist to provide professional career counseling tools to the youth of Nepal.

Other than huge amount of knowledge about making informed decision about your future, depending upon the complexity, and number of sessions, you will be assessed with the competence; you will outline YOURSELF your path from education to career…and much more.
That depends upon you:

Depending upon the complexity of your choices, and the level of understanding, usually youth take in average 3-4 sessions before they are confident in their choices. 


We will help you figure out what jobs are best for you, we will also be able to provide (in near future) the types of employers that might provide you with the job. However, we do not explicitly find a career choice for you start working right away.


Individual Coaching Sessions

After completing your assessment, we prepare a personality profile, a list of 10 jobs as an initial recommendation and an educational approach for each of those 10 jobs. The main reason behind individual feedback is to explain to you how to study the assessment result, how and why those jobs were  recommended. Also there are certain aspects which can be easier discussed in a personal session, such as a very specific interest or your family background, which might influence your future career.

If you want to say so, the online assessment is the pizza with tomatoes and cheese, which looks same for everybody, but in the coaching session we can have the individual toppings as per your wish.

If you have got all clarity you need, then we are done with you. Nevertheless, if you still feel, that you are not clear, what you would like to do in your life, we recommend you to either join one of our workshops or clarify in career counseling sessions.


The psychometric assessment was created initially by the help of Bettina Gemperli, a Swiss psychologist, who referred in turn to existing career counselling methods as well as an initial study among Nepalese students. The new updates are being made by the experienced team here in Nepal.
We assess your answers from over 170 questions, and prepare a concise personality and professional orientation profile. Along with that, we match the personality values of 320+ jobs’ professionals, and recommend only those career choices that fit you.
The assessment that you fill in is segregated into four sections that delve into understanding your complex personality. Through the answers that you provide, we can find a certain pattern where we recognize your personality. And then is matched with the personality of the professionals in 320+ jobs.

The calculation in the computer is almost as accurate as the choices made by a professional psychologist, and furthermore, it does not have any bias.


Usually over 10 youth take part in each of the workshops.
Even though a certificate is not really required for counseling, we want you to have the full experience so that we will provide participants in the packages Integral, Personality, Focus, Career  a certificate of participation …
You can schedule a small meeting (for 5-10 minutes) after the workshop. If there are more than those questions, you can book a career counselling session.
If the youth is unable to pay, and a guardian or the youth themselves, can prove their condition, we can definitely help.
It is open to all. The youth does not have to be affiliated to any school, college or university.

Different workshops have nevertheless different target groups and even though you are free to join any of them, there are some which might be better suited for you than others. So make sure to check out. 

The workshops will first of all give you feedback on which jobs fit to you best based on your interest and strength.

As learning has as much to do with motivation as it has with intelligence, learning for a job which you are highly motivated for, will be easier for you and you will have an easier time to complete your education a with higher marks than if you study a subject, which is not your best.

With higher marks you gain from the education and the experience you gain from the training, you will find it easier to find a job and remain for it in a longer period. 

You can call the main office and let them know about the reason of your absence. We can definitely schedule you to the same workshop at a different time.

Access Codes

  • How to put access codes (for students)
  • How to put access codes (for partners)

1.      Go to  https://assessment.careerdishanepal.org
2.      Click Continue previous assessment
3.      Login as a student
4.      Click on view result
5.      Enter access code in the blank field & submit
6.      Fill in the access code & submit

1.      Goto https://admin.careerdishanepal.org
2.      Login with your username and password
3.      Click on “Clients” menu from top
4.      A. For a specific student, search the student through his/her full name or student number.

B. For more than one student of same organization or partner, search through organization or partner

5.      Click on the “Results” icon (on the rightmost column of each student row)( first icon from left)
6.      Type in the access code on the blank field titled “Code”
7.      Click Submit

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