Saroj Bastola (Founder & CFO) founder and CEO of the community learning center is working with Youth in Bhaktapur in various ways. He is the founding member of three social businesses in Nepal and is involved in various social activities. Send Email

Ingeborg Patsch (CTO) has been working as the software consultant for over 10 years in Austria before she came to Nepal in 2012. As a technical director, she is creating the architecture for software solutions. Furthermore, with nearly 15 years of experience as a trainer she, together with Hari Krishna Dahal, is developing the curriculum for the various workshops and training. send Email

Hari Krishna Dahal (Founder , COO & Senior Career Counsellor) has been working on the edge haribetween psychology and education for the last 5 years. As a teacher in the local community and as a psychological counselor, he has dealt with youth outside the formal education system, so that he brings multifaceted views on the status and needs of Nepal’s youth. Send Email

Suresh Kasula (Founder & Chief Administrative Officer) Has completed his Master in Business Studies degree in Finance. Currently working as a lecturer of Accounting in Basu College. Similarly, a teacher at Supreme Academic Higher Secondary School.

Further founding members: Pujan Ranjit and Dipendra Sapkota.