Going Abroad? – 10 things to do before studying abroad

There are many individual reasons to study or work abroad. The most important aim is to expand personal, academic or professional abilities: learning a new language, gaining soft skills, get to know more about a new culture, having a new perspective on the subject of your study, establishing a global network or just making new friends.

Apart from the reasons why people want to go study abroad they are many things to consider:

  1. Engage yourself in the sector of interest: If you want to go and study medicine? Good: go and volunteer in a hospital or in a health camp to make sure, it is really what you want to work for your lifetime.
  2. Check your subject: The subjects available in universities abroad might be quiet different, from the subjects you studied, which you might find at the universities abroad.
  3. Connect with foreigners from that country: Go to Thamel, Lakeside, Lumbini or Chitwan and get in touch with people from the country you would like to go. Get a feeling for their mentality and ask them everything about their country.
  4. Travel Nepal: How much have you seen of your own country. Before traveling 10000 Kilometers to an unknown land, make sure you understand your own country better. Your country is more than your village and Kathmandu. Traveling is in that regard also a kind of learning by experience.
  5. Decide for ONE country and inform yourself on the process. Going abroad is nothing which is done within 1 – 2 months (and everybody, who tells you otherwise is rather a human trafficker than a counselor)
  6. Learn the language: You will live 24-hours in this country and need the language every moment you are there: for your courses, for shopping, if you are sick or meet someone nice while going out. None English speaking countries are more work to prepare but therefore you will also face less international competition and therefore more often than not cheaper possibilities than in English speaking countries.
  7. Read articles about that country: Understanding what is happening in the country you want to go to does not only help your general knowledge but also helps you to estimate how your chances of work will be, improve your chances and help you to avoid awkward situations.
  8. Check your finances: Going abroad is a costly thing and most countries will not allow you to work more than part time. Dependent on your subject and the country it will cost you between 20 Lakh and 1 Crore.
  9. Check out your job market opportunities: Does Nepal or the country you plan to study in really need more people of your profession? And if you will find occupation, will it be worth the high cost of your education? If no: consider to just travel the country … might be a cheaper alternative after all.
  10. Make a list of 3 alternatives you can do in Nepal: Many young people spend years on their dream of going abroad and lose totally the vision, that there would be many other ways to work towards your goal in Nepal.

Go through the list above and plan your study program abroad. The list should help you to be clear about your interests, goals and the challenges you could face abroad. No matter where you go for your study – we as CDN team thinks that every experience is a good way to grow your own personality and expand your knowledge.

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