Happy New Year 2072

NEW SUNOn the very auspicious occasion of Nepali New Year 2072 B.S. We would like to express our best wishes for all the supporters of Career Disha Nepal. We believe this New Year will boost our spirit to devote more efforts towards our goal. As morning shows the day, we have many good news to share for all at this moment. I request you to hold your excitement till we explain them all.

First of all, it feels really great to have a new office area full of new positive vibes with open space for an open mind. Yes! We have moved to a new and nice location to motivate ourselves for the organizational tasks. Now we have new faces in CDN who join us to help us achieving our goals. Ms. Sabnam Shrestha, a very enthusiastic person who have been studying International Business Studies at Finland. She joined CDN as the intern for four months. Mr. Pujan Raj Ranjit who is also one of the charter members of CDN has now joined as the communication and media manager.  Another good news comes as we are opening a contact office in the capital city.

Finally, we are all convinced that we achieved at least a bit of success after we launched our Demo Version of our Interest Based Testing Tool into the online web (http://demo.careerdishanepal.org/). Now it feels as if all the hard work has finally paid off and we have some real time example to show how our project will work.  This demo version consists the core formulation that we are implementing on our final test application but we still have many back-end tasks to be done before real-time implementation.

Looking back to the past year 2071 B.S. we have gained a lot of new experience including Crowdfunding of our project which indeed helped us both to get financial and moral support. We would like to thank all our supporters for believing us. We will try our best to get desired output within a specific timeline.

Overall, the year 2071 went good to us and we are planning for a better year 2072 and with all these good things happening at the beginning of the year we are certain that we will rise high this year.


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