How to purchase CDN voucher codes through ESEWA?

What is a voucher code?

Career Disha Nepal has created Nepal’s first and only career counseling tool that lets you know about which career is best for you according to your personality. To access this information, you have to get a voucher. A voucher code is a 10 digit unique code that you will need to check your result of the psychometric assessment.


What is psychometric assessment?

CDN Psychometric Assessment is a tool used to find career path based on one’s interest and professional orientation. It is also called interest-based test. Youth can test their individual personality, professional interest, and vocational interest through the assessment. There are altogether three segments one has to give responses to according to their interest and how they react to different situations. The system then analyses the filled info and illustrates their individual personality profile and matching jobs. Along with the matching jobs, we provide info about educational qualification or training for each recommended professions. 


How much does it cost?

The Psychometric Assessment is available in both Online and Offline format which starts at the minimal cost of Rs 200! Additionally, to accurately provide the required amount of guidance to the youth, CDN provides three distinct assessment packages: Assessment Slim, Assessment Basic and Assessment Deluxe.


How and where can I buy the psychometric assessment?

Individual having internet service can access the Psychometric Assessment from anywhere. This assessment is available in both languages English as well as Nepali. For the convenience of our distant clients, we also provide ESEWA service for payment of the products. Students from any part of Nepal who have access to ESEWA services or ESEWA agents can buy voucher codes like recharge cards, which has a unique code (10 characters) that would be used to get the result of the psychometric assessment.

There are three major options to buy voucher codes for CDN psychometric assessment.


  1. Buying directly through ESEWA’s website. (

You need to have ESEWA account or anyone having ESEWA account to buy the voucher code.

  1. Go to and type “Career Disha Nepal – Assessment Voucher”. You will land to a page with the option to choose the package: Assessment Slim, Assessment Basic and Assessment Deluxe. Click here to directly go to this page.
  2. Choose the package you want to buy. (click here to learn more about the packages).
  3. Voucher Code for the assessment is then shown. Copy-paste the 10 digit “Card PIN no.” to obtain your result from you student home .


  1. Buying through CDN SHOP ( )

To allow the purchase of multiple access-codes online through ESEWA, Career Disha Nepal has provided an online shop for institutional and individual clients. CDN shop allows you to buy maximum of 10 voucher codes at a time. At the moment, you can buy Assessment Slim, Basic and Deluxe from the shop and pay for them as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the product you want to purchase
  3. After selecting the quantity of the product please click “Add to cart”
  4. When you are done adding the products, checkout from the shop. You will then be requested to enter your email address.
  5. Once the email address has been entered, you will be redirected to the ESEWA login page where you can pay through your eSewa account.
  6. Once paid, you will be redirected to the checkout page/success page with your voucher code information. (The purchase and voucher information will also be sent to your email address.)


  1. Through

After the completion of assessment, you will be asked to enter the voucher code in order to obtain your results. You can either enter the voucher code if you have already purchased one (directly from CDN Head office). If not, you can purchase it through ESEWA payment option, available at the CDN assessment page .

  1. Complete the assessment
  2. The system requests for the voucher code
  3. Click on the products you would like
  4. You will be redirected to to buy the code
  5. Purchase the code and once completed, your assessment result will automatically be ready to view.