How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

A Job Interview is the logic step after applying for a job and sending out your CV. If the prospective employer consider your application as interesting, he will call you to fix the rendezvous for the interview.

What is a Job Interview?
A job interview is “a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out if they are suitable for a post of employment“.

That’s the definition you can find on the internet, but the truth is more complicated. During this interview you must have to know every little thing you put inside your CV. The employer will ask you many question about it, and more about yourself. It depend of the enterprises you wish to join but interviews can be totally different. Sometimes there is only the employer or a recruitment officer and sometimes there is more than one person. It can take only 20minutes or 2 hours and sometimes special clothes are recommended and even mandatory. Ask for expectations and settings while you arrange the appointment.

How can I train for it?
First, if you are a shy person, you must have to train at home with a friend or a member of your family, because if you are stuck and intimidated, this can sometimes prevent you from reaching your goal to get the desired job. So you can exercise yourself with your family or you can learn how to speak in special workshop of body language and oral expression. There are also different free types of exercises on Youtube. You can find many simple exercises where you learn how to breathe and how to talk standing up. In this Video you will find a complete workshop about “Job Interview”:

In all, you should always remember that you are selling yourself. You have to advertise your abilities and keep in mind, that it is your ultimate step that will make you get your desired job.

There is also a different kind of interview, the “web-interview”. If you can’t go to the meeting place because it’s too far or something else, you can use Skype or other software of the same type to communicate.

Here you can find some websites for learning what to do during an job interview:

How to train for job interviews

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