I have a college degree but I cannot find any job in my field?

“I have a college degree but I am not able to find any job in my field of Study.” – Frequent statement with series of questionnaire follows our Social media page every week. This is a common problem most of our youths facing today. While education in Nepal greatly improved, number of educated person in the graph has rocketed in short period of time although the education system in Nepal is one of the youngest in the world.

In recent years number of students appearing higher education has simultaneously increased. As we are working closely with youths, our findings and our work indeed is essential to set career goals of youths of Nepal. Problem finding the jobs after completion of college degree in relation to developed world is higher. There might be different external causes in the context of developed world but in the case of Nepal we figured out few points to be noted.

  • The term “Career Counseling” is referred to “Abroad studies” rather than setting a individual’s career goal
  • No relevant information available on educational possibilities
  • Most of the youths do not have clear idea choosing specific subject in their higher education
  • There is no clear information on connection of your education and profession
  • Competence level of Nepali students seems low in relation to international students
  • Most of the educational institution prefer to give theoretical knowledge (no- practical knowledge)
  • Vocational education possibilities is available in Nepal but has never got any higher chance to be a interesting part of educational system
  • etc

We here conclude the number of problems can be dealt with proper career counseling tools and information on possibilities. We have figured out in several of our studies most of the students are missing the information on the educational possibilities and its relation of studies in the job market.

Here in this article we do want to discuss on the very specific group of students who have completed their college degree and are not able to find the job according to their study fields. There might be several reasons to keep them unemployed. Few reasons could be, not having any experience in the respective fields, one might randomly apply for a job without research thoroughly, one might not convey employers the logical reason to be selected in the respective job or there might be other reasons as well.We recommend checking out 7 basic steps to get in JOB Market. The article will be published next week. Keep on following us.


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