Learning Methods – Successful Way for Learn Yourself

A lot of work has been done over the past few decades about how people learn. Learning is a life-long process. You always learn for yourself, not for anybody else. That’s why we believe that it is good to find out, what is your suitable way of learning with a maximum output of success.

Principles of learning

You should always keep in mind, that you can learn anything if you have a goal that requires it. Like this you are more connected to the learning subject. So find a personal reason why you want to learn this material and then try to visualise, hear, or feel some situation that will result from having learned the material. Expectations are self-fulfilling prophecies – what you expect is what you get. It is also useful to have a calm mind because learning seems to work much better if you’re generally relaxed.

Learning how to learn is the core skill

It was probably never explicitly mentioned in all the years that you’ve spent in school, that it makes a difference how you personally learn new subjects easily. First of all you should have an organised place to work so that you’re not disturbed by others. It is always good to browse through the material and looking up for headings, pictures or tables. Then, you can break the material into small chunks and start anywhere. Anyone can learn faster by structuring the information. So take your time to organize yourself. Ask yourself questions before or after looking at each chunk and use mind maps to make it clear. Tick off each section as you read it, or when you understand it and highlight new information. Summarize the material out loud. Walk around while reading or listening. Put key ideas on post-it notes and arrange them in different meaningful patterns on your desk, board, or wall. Summarize the content in your own words. Use the buddy system and ask each other questions about what you’ve learned. The most important is to make breaks to give your brain a peaceful “cooling down” time while eating something or go for a walk.

We recommend you to try lots of different learning methods to find for yourself the most suitable version of studying. Try out different styles and look what you can keep in mind. And never forget, learning more means earning more. So those who learn more, and do it continually over their lifetimes, do much better in whatever career they have chosen.

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