Parents play pivotal role to choose career to their children. Most of the parents have high expectation on academic as well as child’s career. Our society has literally brought up understanding of career only for high level careers like managerial jobs, doctors, pilots or engineers. Each person is different and each child has their own inherited interest and some extra quality within themselves. Understanding of parents about the career and job market is not broad. Expectation of parents and the success of child on choosing right career path as well as academic scenario does not match often. Some child chooses their career path on interest of their parents not on their interest. For instance a child wants to be an artist, but his parent wants him to be a Doctor. Consequently, he ends up being nowhere and end up with frustration. We do find in the market several people working to have a job but not with their interest. Who should choose the career of a child- parents or children? We as Career Guidance personals we advice parents to think and let children select their career accordingly in their own interest giving better chance of understanding the links between their academic and future job. We hope better understanding of job market would give a child more options on choosing right academic career to fulfill their dream job.