Parent’s Role in their Child’s Career

Wearing a crown of parent means more responsibilities and it plays a significant role in children’s life. Every parent wishes healthy, professional and happy life for their children.

Different children have different enthusiasm, while few parents tend to have the experience in eliminating a queries, share knowledge, experience and suggestions which they are practicing. Sometimes, without realizing parents try to fulfill their own goals and ambition through their children, thus pushing them towards their own dreams

While children undergo various emotional and physical changes as they grow older, meet new friends and dive into educational responsibilities, their stress level rise. In this period they need correct guidance, friends as well as facilitators to them and provide favorable environment that is parents.Sometimes, parents aren’t able to understand them and children feel the lack of guidance. At the same time children aren’t able to express their feelings in such unfavorable environment. On the other hand, due to busy scheduled parents couldn’t able to commitment what skills, inherent desire and extra qualities children have. These all things increases the distance between parents and their children.

Eventually, if parents are not able to handle such situation, professional counselor for career support can become useful. A career counselor can give a constructive advice, unlike some parents who sometimes use undermining phrases like you can’t do it, don’t do it and so on.

In the 21st century known as the world of choices, there are plenty of opportunities in the labor market, children have various dreams accordingly. In contrast, most parents have prejudice taboo they give few prior jobs to their children such as Doctor, Pilot, Engineer, and so on. However, parents with low socioeconomic status cannot afford an education for their children in one of those fields. There are 340+ jobs available locally. CTEVT provide training to both students and those students who can’t continue their academic career from educational institute, and educational degree holder in affordable price. It means students has choices to chose a interested career.

Rather than worrying about child’s career, parents should spend more time with their children and help them to find education fitting children’s personality and their future career. They should be aware about the children desire, strengths and capabilities. The aptitude of children is mirror of the future possible job. So, supports your children, give self esteem, it is corresponding to joining the engine to jet. Parents can take a help of well plan strategically designed psychometric assessment test around. It helps to understand your children interest, strength and value for suitable job sector.