Assessment BASIC

This package contains:

  • Your personalized online results with recommendations based on 350+ Jobs
  • The ability to go back to this results and review them at a later stage
  • A 5 minutes phone call to clarify on the “soft facts”, such as your socioeconomic and ethnic background
  • a printed or PDF result (as per your preference) with the top 10 recommended jobs based on all the above

How does it work?

You will be provided with the results calculated based on the answers you provided in the online assessment. The calculation will be based on a complex algorithm and present you the matching with all jobs based on your personality, professional traits and interest in vocational tasks. Any further filter or refining of the results based on educational or financial limitations or individual preferences not covered by the assessment can be done by you using interactive filters.
Additionally one of our career helpers will give you a phone call and talk with you for 5 minutes on your rough socioeconomic status, your family background and some more soft-facts about you and provide this information to our career counselor, who will review the results based on this and hand-select a handful of jobs, which he would personally recommend you to have a closer look at. As per your preference, we will send you either a PDF of the results via email or Facebook or you can pick-up a print out at one of your offices in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu or Lalitpur.

                         Online Basic                    Offline Basic

Price in Rs        795/-                              795/-