Assessment DELUXE

This package contains:

  • Your personalized online results with recommendations based on 350+ Jobs
  • The ability to go back to this results and review them at a later stage
  • A 45 minutes individual career counseling session with one of our professional career counselors
  • A printed or PDF result (as per your preference) with the top 10 recommended jobs based on all the above

How does it work?

You will be provided with the results calculated based on the answers you provided in the online assessment. The calculation will be based on a complex algorithm and present you the matching with all jobs based on your personality, professional traits and interest in vocational tasks. Any further filter or refining of the results based on educational or financial limitations or individual preferences not covered by the assessment can be done by you using interactive filters.

Additionally you will have the chance to have a 45 minutes career counseling session with one of our professional career counselors. In these 45 minutes, you have the possibility to raise any confidential questions, share your personal background, get advice on any career related conflict you have at your home or simply ask any educational and career related questions you have.

If there is still time left over, our counselor will enable you to make a well informed and reflective career decision, help you reflect on your competences and show you the way forward.

Please note that we are currently not able to deliver the individual counseling session outside of Kathmandu valley. Please contact us under 01 66 13 893 on what we can do for you or go back to change to another package.

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Price in Rs          1800/-                        1800/-