CDN Online Assessment

Online Assessment TestOnline assessment is a tool used to find career path based on one’s interest and professional orientation, it’s also called interest-based test. Youth can test their individual personality, professional interest, and vocational interest through the assessment.There are altogether three segments one has to give responses to according to their interest and how they react to a different situation. The system then analyses the filled info and illustrates their individual personality profile and matching jobs. Along with the matching jobs, we provide info about educational qualification or training for each recommended profession.


Why is CDN assessment important?

Career Disha Nepal has done research on root base job market and job opportunity so far. Career Disha Nepal picked up an idea, which is practiced in European context-keeping the job market analysis on top and where interest and personality plays a big role in choosing his or her educational path. Our psychometric assessment is practiced in Europe context for more than 30 years and proven as a scientific method to guide students. We have done research on the job market and education system in last 4 years and created 300+ Job profiles. We match those profiles to the profile of a student based on the assessment s/he took and highlight jobs from TSLC, training or diploma level equally unbiased like jobs from the academic sector, so to broaden the knowledge of each student in Nepal on the variety of professions available in the labor market.

The psychometric assessment is available in both Online as well as Offline format. Starting at the minimal cost of Rs 200. Additionally, to provide accurately the required amount of guidance to the youth, we have created three distinct assessment packages: Slim, Basic and Deluxe.

Interested? Follow the link and broaden your idea on the labor market and an educational possibility that fits your interest and personality. You can directly pay for the online assessment through ESEWA or visit our outlets.

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