The Importance of Non-Academic Jobs

At first, it may appear as if there are only two possibilities. On the one hand, there are typical academic careers and on the other hand, there is a huge job market for non-academic jobs. People on the job market often find themselves considering a wide range of different job options. And it may turn out to be more appealing than at first. The main point is to know what you want. Do you want money? Is that what a good job means to you? Or do you want prestige? Or would you settle for little pay as long as you have the passion for what you do? The clearer you are about your goal, the easier it becomes to plot a route.

No job is small

Our best advice to job seekers looking outside academia is to believe that you have something valuable to offer. The one common thread that we all touched on was the importance of seeing oneself as an asset to others. Unfortunately, we often sense that seeking non-academic employment is equated with failure.  Evidently, job seekers look for non-academic jobs because they can’t find other work – this sort of attitude easily undermines one’s performance in the job interview. After all, who would want to hire a failure? Clearly, this problem requires more than a dose of positive self-esteem or a newfound belief in the dignity of all work.

Non-academic skills

More and more evidence reflects the need to allow students to develop as people and not just as students. It’s time to think beyond the emphasis on academics and give importance to teaching/learning other stuff for success and independent living. We have come to recognize this “stuff” as non-academic skills. It’s important for example to know how to navigate through technology to find a quick fix for something that may be needed. These so called 21st Century Skills are making you independent. Also working on your grit is needed. When the going gets tough, the tough get going is a difficult lesson. Often, it leaves us adults wanting to hide under the blankets! Having the courage and determination to resolve an obstacle or finish something that was once started is a key indication of one’s grit. You should allow yourself also to create Growth in your Mindset. When you practice anything over and over again, positive results are bound to come around. Taking up a Hobby with enough persistent effort can grow a talent from the ground up, and this is an invaluable life skill that can be applied to just about every challenge you may face. And having good Soft Skills like good manners and punctuality are always helpful in jobs.

So all in all, everybody is thinking hard about what would be a satisfactory job or career, and then have to be prepared to work hard to find employment that meets their own personal goals. And there is no right or wrong way. Every job can be a chance to prepare. Or a chance to reinvent yourself. If you need help in finding your way – CDN has the right product.

If you need help in finding your way – CDN is right for you.


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