What Means Quality Education?

In our counseling sessions, we are often inquired about our recommendations about quality education. This is a big question and is influenced by many different factors. Against the popular belief, the price is not always an indicator of good quality education.

According to UNICEF, “a quality education is defined by five elements: the learner’s outside experiences, learning environment, the content of education, learning processes, and education outcomes. Learners must be healthy, well-nourished and supported by their families and communities. The learning environment should be safe, healthy and stimulating. Appropriate education content is relevant to the learner and presented in a well-managed classroom. Learning outcomes should meet promote participation in society.” All five factors must be present for learners to receive a quality education. To measure the quality of education, outcomes are examined. Learners’ academic achievements should match their age and grade level and meet national standards.

What else is an indicator for a highquality education?

The teachers are always the key for find out if an education is recommendable. How is the relation between local and international teachers? Do the school offers teachers education? The problem with teachers can sometimes be, that they are paid poorly (and sometimes irregularly) and suffer from low social and professional status. Those reasons can entail less motivation and have a powerful impact on the quality of student learnings. Under these circumstances, teachers are only teaching basic skills like reading and math and don’t encourage the students to think critically and interdisciplinary working. You should also find out about teaching methods. Does the school offer different teaching methods like excursions or workshops or is it just frontal teaching all the time?

We think, the Austrian Nobel Prize Winner, Albert Einstein, summarized the topic about quality education effectively: “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. So if you have the impression that you will get from a course more than just the knowledge of the different topics, choose it.

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