You have just finished your school and are confused about what to do next in your life? You are in the right spot. Career Disha Nepal, can help you to find your very own path towards a successful career.

Some young people have misconceptions about what education is, which we will help you to sort out. One of those misconceptions is that without SLC, there is no future for you in Nepal. But we will show you that even though you have no SLC, it is no problem. While choosing further education sector, prejudice concept, that is gender biased concept still exists which  is another misconception of education but education must be chosen based on their individual interest rather than gender based. Information Technology is one of the male dominated sector where patriarchic concept exists. But there has always been a strong possibility that girls might have more interest in technology field, it may not be limited to only men. And so it is being proven assertive by the present context of IT in Nepal, where the number of female involvement in IT field is growing. In Nepal, most of the educated youth are unemployed; they are in transitional phase, wondering about what to do next in my career. Some youth are still unaware about how do internship work to choose right career path? Internship is better option: to identifying potential job according to individual personality. It is the best way to recognize own capacity and skills that is required for the next big career. One can find answers through internship, Am i really made for this job? Do i have to change or stick with present career? 

World is getting smaller, we live in global village, more and more people are moving into different places for different purposes, employment, business, visit, study etc. In the context of Nepal, further study in abroad is in increasing trend. Before making a decision to go abroad you should do 10 things in Nepal, which will make your life less troubled over there.