Importance of choosing proper career path

Last year over 8,204 new engineers graduated, out of which graduates with ‘will-power’ make it to getting placements in either governmental organizations or private firms. Few with passion also move on as freelancers. The percentage of people getting successful in receiving job offers is dreadful 20%. Meaning,  over 6000 graduates are left with a certificate in their hands and no career to get to. It is dismantling to know that every year more and more students are falling in this trap.

Popularly, the general population blames on the system, or the government who have failed to provide placements for the young engineers. But the blame game, as we know it, is everlasting and we ought to find the answer.

We believe ‘choosing proper career path’ is the key. As mentioned earlier, the one’s with the will-power made it. Meaning that those who must have had passion that drove them got them to the basic level of earning a living out of their field of expertise. We might be generalizing but it should not be ignored that choosing proper career path gives the highest push for getting a job.

There is a huge number of people, around the world who are unhappy with their chosen career. The underlying notion that having a job will get rid to most of social concerns is a premature conclusion. Professionals suggest that 10+ years of experience is an ideal time to contribute something meaningful to the society. If a person is unhappy with his professional life, because he/she chose a non-fitting career path there will never be any sort of engagement to create a better life for oneself, let alone for others.