Nepali girl’s involvement in IT

IT (Information Technology) is a growing in the world and is ranked with high income and is considered a highly performing field as well. The trend of female percentage of working in technology is few in comparison with other sector but it is gradually increasing. In the context of Nepal, information and communication technology (ICT) has become a unique and latest opportunity for Nepali girls. It promises better economic prospect, communication with the outside world, easy access to information, an enhanced ability to acquire education and skills to transcend social restrictions and eliminate gender gap in technology. Since the Nepali girl would be empowered by their development, there is a high possibility that they make their own decision and eventually be politically active.

Nepal, a patriarch country, has a huge gender gap and less percentage of girls is enrolling in this field. It might be the pre-existing prejudices, that IT is a male dominate sector. Still in the 21st century, time of technology gender discrimination in IT education is still continuing. Simultaneously, inspirational fact is that Nepali women in technology is gradually increasing. Here is one inspirational example of girls surpassing this hurdle!

Here is testimony by Binita Shrestha CEO/Co Founder, women in STEM, in her own words.

Case Study: Passion and Situation

Few years get back when I joined Computer Science, I was the only girl among 150 students! Imagine how it would feel? It was scary and made me doubt my passion. My uncountable requests to my other female friends to join Computer Science were ignored as just like many others, they thought that computer field is male dominated. The irony is that today, we live in a world where we have male nurses and nannies, and we are finding the field of computers too manly.

This is the story or situation of every girl here in Nepal. But Binita comes up with this situation positively, as according to her above mentioned concept is slowly retreating.

Most girls tend to choose a career field more women centric like care taker, housework, nursing, beautician and assistant rather than computer/IT based. It can be widely seen that, since men are dominant in IT, there are more product and services that fit men’s requirements. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for women. The role of women in IT is  important. They have to rely mostly on men to design, process and produces goods that are esp. required for women. Eg. Machinery in modern kitchen can surly be fixed by women.

Hence, through IT, girls could improve lives. To enhance girls’ participation in IT is today’s need. To access women participation in Technology required good mentor, workshops and various awareness program, which influences women to come out from the notion of men’s supremacy in IT, and help them to enhance their ability and use their natural uniqueness in technical field.

If you want to be involved in IT, lack of education degree cannot eliminate your passion. Non-academic youth can also access IT education and training which CTEVT provides. Private sector WLiT and Women in STEM are working to close the gender gap in IT. They conduct different training programs, workshops and conferences where interested girls can join.