No SLC, No Problem

This is for those who believe that failing iron gate of SLC is and will be the end of their professional life.

If you have recently failed SLC, REAPPEAR!

Statistics suggest that reappearing for SLC increases the possibility of succeeding in exams by 2 folds. Passing SLC gives way for the maximum numbers of courses for further education as well as many job opportunities. Hiding from the education system, society and yourself by not appearing for SLC only makes YOUR life that much harder. Yes, it is a challenge; a huge burden you might add… being the black sheep of in your family and the school but think of what you can achieve if you take that one huge step! Just passing SLC opens doors for jobs 5 times without it.

A lot of youth can relate the fact that education (through academics) is not made for them. Even after reappearing for SLC has not given any optimistic result, maybe you are not made for academics, CONGRATULATIONS! Those who think failing SLC is the end of the world, think again.

Personalities across Nepal have outshined the ‘over-patronized’ SLC and excelled in various areas without its merits. One of the real life example is of Ram Laxmi.

A recently married woman, living in Suryabinayak who has not completed SLC has her own company, Shree Navaras Herbal Industries. This company takes advantage of the opportunities that Nepal provides, Herbals! We have various floras that define us and using that sustainably can be the key to success here in Nepal. She has expanded her initial capital/investment by over 10 folds in less than 2 years.