Why Intern?

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein  

In Nepal, most of the educated youth are unemployed; they are in transitional phase, wondering about what to do next in their career. Either find a job in Nepal or continue further study … youth phase is meant to have big dreams about their further career. Some of the youth are successful in pinpointing their career but not all of them can find options. For instance, if one applies abroad for further studies or is frequently applying for a job but gets rejected, then what will happen to him/her… Consequently, it might lead him/her into frustration and depression; concluding that their hard work and time was for nothing.

Internship is the approach to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and usually it is temporary. Normally, internships are encourage by the colleges for credit completion, after the completion of university degree and after vocational training. Mostly, internships are provided by profit and non-profit private companies/organizations/businesses. Most of the youth involve in internships before jumping to the employment (self-employed or employed or entrepreneur). Internship is better option: to identifying potential job according to individual personality. It is the best way to recognize own capacity and skills that is required for the next big career.

Internship is an unpaid or less paid position. Our community is hesitant in providing free services. There is a stereotypical saying ‘यत्रो पढेर पनि सित्तैमा काम गर्छन्?’ ‘Are you working for free after studying so hard?’. People are true in some sense, but how does one have economical prosperity, job satisfaction and fulfillment without experience? Before being able to get paid work sometimes employees need to gain experience in a particular field. Through internship, you get experience to explore your ideas; it provides qualities to sculpture you in your desired shape. It develops your confidence. You get opportunities to observe the social issues, reverberation and you can utilize your knowledge into practice to reform and counter existing problems and issues.

Internship strengthens your existing capacity. It provides references in your Curriculum vitae. Employers will be well known about your capability and interpersonal skills and it suggest how far you can do in the next job. Once you chose a career through internship, it gives opportunity to recognize yourselves, personal abilities and individual interest. It answers your core questions:

Am I really made for this kind of job?

Do I have to change or stick with it?

In conclusion, internship is the first place, the place where your career starts, where you are not only applying your fresh knowledge and abilities but also you are being mentored by employer, who can eliminate your queries. Internship does not give you money but it might give you much more than what you had studied in your lifetime. Sometimes, internship may turn into career. Wherever you go and whatever you do in your further career, interest based internship is the biggest platform to support and hone you. Internship based on interested career is immensely important to professional development and choosing the right career.